Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our documentary screenings - 2014

August 2014

Cinecon  Classic Film Festival, Hollywood - Screening of the "Brotherhood of the Popcorn' documentary

 Producer Woody Wise with his wife Sandy Wise & Director Inda Reid

Assistant Director Amy Goodrich with Superman! 

July 2014

Warner Brother Screening of the "Brotherhood of the Popcorn" documentary

 On the Warner Bros Studio lot  Executive Producer:Woody Wise       Director: Inda Reid
                                                     & Sandy Wise                                  & George Forgeng  

                                          Cliffhanger : Eric with his family

To celebrate the screening, I made the largest carrot cake I have ever made - transformed  into the ugliest cake you have ever seen - a Giant Popcorn with little mouthfuls exploding out of the top (well, that was the idea at least !!) Covered in coconut cream, it was delicious!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Current projects - art work and bears 2014

"I have somewhere else I need to be"
(recycled vintage bread tin & hand-sculpted geese feet)

Mnemonic Landscapes 

                 Art therapy work created specifically for sufferers of Alzheimer's and Dementia - to stimulate memory through the use of three-dimensional surfaces to touch when visual connections have diminished.

                         These first 6 canvases were commissioned by  Great American Art for
                                                             CareOne, Fort Lee, NJ
Life Stations: photographic canvases with mixed media sculptural
and painterly aspects (zoom in to view)

National Ice Hockey Team bear commissions:

Working with the Providence Friars Women's Ice Hockey team

Here are the first five.......

Looking forward to also working with the Boston Blades