Thursday, October 13, 2022

Charity bears

  October 2022

I have launched my Charity fundraising giveaways of three bears on: 

Charity Giveaways via

My aim is to launch monthly giveaways aimed at fundraising for various different charities throughout the year. I chose to do the fundraising this way, as opposed to running an auction, as I believe it opens up the possibility of more people having access to receiving a nice “thank you” prize for their donation, as opposed to the “let the person with the most money to spare win” idea.

It should also make the donation exciting in the anticipation of not knowing what the outcome will be - it certainly is fun for me; I will play no part in the selection, as it is 100% facilitated by the automated system of “Betterworld’ systems - plus all the money donated will go directly to the chosen charity.

I would deeply appreciate your participation in these events - as I would love to raise some good money to help these causes, plus equally would love to find a loving home for each of these characters I have tenderly created.

All my gratitude, 

With love, Amy xx

Tuesday, June 22, 2021

2021 Update

This main website links you with the various areas of artworks that I have been involved with up to this point. If you follow the labyrinth through, it will lead you to the archives of :

1) My bear & other animal creations - Portobello bear co /Amy Goodrich Collectables.

2) My Fine Art sculptures and paintings - Osmosis Art

3) My animation projects - PruFeria Films - also showcasing my Post-graduate Character Animation from UAL. Plus the formation of PruFections & BbBb’s Cosmic Creativity Show

During 2017, I became licensed as a caterer in Los Angeles, showcasing my own vegan recipes - with the long-term aim in mind to use this as part of an animation series for my vegan chef, BbBb. Over the subsequent years to 2020, these two ideas grew in different ways. PruFections transformed from being a set of baked goods that I spent my time creating for others - into a comprehensive range of baking blends, that will be sold to the public for their own personal culinary exploration and customization. Simultaneously, my vegan chef program metamorphosed into a new concept of show - whereby BbBb transposed into a puppet character, that would not only show viewers how to use PruFections, he would indeed host a whole range of activities for children, including wellness education. I am currently filming this new show “BbBb’s Cosmic Creativity Show” and will update you here when things go live. I tend to showcase my progression on Instagram - primarily in these two accounts (which then gets shared onto Twitter and Facebook - see social media links above)

Wishing you all my best, Amy xx

Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Osmosis Art - My Fine Art paintings and sculptures - getting ready to exhibit - 2015

'COHESION' - Mixed Media Painting  2015. 54" x 30" 
Close-up of 'COHESION'

Close-up of  'RECOMBOBULATED' Mixed media sculpture 2015 39" x 19" x 11"

'CONTINUUM I' - Three dimensional mixed media painting 2015. 48" x 60"

Close-up Detail of "CONTINUUM I '

Side View of 'CONTINUUM I '
Negative of 'CONTINUUM I'

'UBIQUITY I' - Mixed media painting 40.5" x 51.5 "

Negative of 'UBIQUITY I'

'UBIQUITY II' Mixed media sculpture  15" x 7" x 9"

Right side 'UBIQUITY II'

'ASSIMILATE'  Mixed media painting 37" x 37"

'HENCEFORTH' Mixed media painting - 31.5" x 55.5"

Negative of 'HENCEFORTH' Mixed media painting 31.5" x 55.5"

'UBIQUITY III' Mixed media sculpture - 21" x 10" x 9"

Right side view of 'UBIQUITY III' 

'PERPETUITY' Mixed media sculpture 27" x 29" sphere
Showing the balance - 'PERPETUITY'

Lone Pine Film Festival, California - October 2014

Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our documentary screenings - 2014

August 2014

Cinecon  Classic Film Festival, Hollywood - Screening of the "Brotherhood of the Popcorn' documentary

 Producer Woody Wise with his wife Sandy Wise & Director Inda Reid

Assistant Director Amy Goodrich with Superman! 

July 2014

Warner Brother Screening of the "Brotherhood of the Popcorn" documentary

 On the Warner Bros Studio lot  Executive Producer:Woody Wise       Director: Inda Reid
                                                     & Sandy Wise                                  & George Forgeng  

                                          Cliffhanger : Eric with his family

To celebrate the screening, I made the largest carrot cake I have ever made - transformed  into the ugliest cake you have ever seen - a Giant Popcorn with little mouthfuls exploding out of the top (well, that was the idea at least !!) Covered in coconut cream, it was delicious!!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Current projects - art work and bears 2014

"I have somewhere else I need to be"
(recycled vintage bread tin & hand-sculpted geese feet)

Mnemonic Landscapes 

                 Art therapy work created specifically for sufferers of Alzheimer's and Dementia - to stimulate memory through the use of three-dimensional surfaces to touch when visual connections have diminished.

                         These first 6 canvases were commissioned by  Great American Art for
                                                             CareOne, Fort Lee, NJ
Life Stations: photographic canvases with mixed media sculptural
and painterly aspects (zoom in to view)

National Ice Hockey Team bear commissions:

Working with the Providence Friars Women's Ice Hockey team

Here are the first five.......

Looking forward to also working with the Boston Blades