Sunday, October 5, 2014

Our documentary screenings - 2014

August 2014

Cinecon  Classic Film Festival, Hollywood - Screening of the "Brotherhood of the Popcorn' documentary

 Producer Woody Wise with his wife Sandy Wise & Director Inda Reid

Assistant Director Amy Goodrich with Superman! 

July 2014

Warner Brother Screening of the "Brotherhood of the Popcorn" documentary

 On the Warner Bros Studio lot  Executive Producer:Woody Wise       Director: Inda Reid
                                                     & Sandy Wise                                  & George Forgeng  

                                          Cliffhanger : Eric with his family

To celebrate the screening, I made the largest carrot cake I have ever made - transformed  into the ugliest cake you have ever seen - a Giant Popcorn with little mouthfuls exploding out of the top (well, that was the idea at least !!) Covered in coconut cream, it was delicious!!