Thursday, October 13, 2022

Charity bears

  October 2022

I have launched my Charity fundraising giveaways of three bears on: 

Charity Giveaways via

My aim is to launch monthly giveaways aimed at fundraising for various different charities throughout the year. I chose to do the fundraising this way, as opposed to running an auction, as I believe it opens up the possibility of more people having access to receiving a nice “thank you” prize for their donation, as opposed to the “let the person with the most money to spare win” idea.

It should also make the donation exciting in the anticipation of not knowing what the outcome will be - it certainly is fun for me; I will play no part in the selection, as it is 100% facilitated by the automated system of “Betterworld’ systems - plus all the money donated will go directly to the chosen charity.

I would deeply appreciate your participation in these events - as I would love to raise some good money to help these causes, plus equally would love to find a loving home for each of these characters I have tenderly created.

All my gratitude, 

With love, Amy xx